At Sukhothai Historical Park, Sukhothai, Thailand.

I started writing since I was in high school. Have attended press conferences representing my school and eventually became the Editor in-Chief of our school paper then. My exposure in writing during my younger days (even though mostly newswriting) helped me honed my skills that even for a number of years I was not into this field, I still have the strength to write when I had the opportunity to work in the local government. This time, I could say I levelled up my writing skills . I was trained to write technically. I had my write shops quite often mostly sponsored by different agencies such as USAID- MRDP (Mindanao Rural Development Program- before, my town was classified as second class so we are a recipient of grants and projects from different funded organisations, both national and international aimed to alleviate poverty).

Currently living and working in Thailand (been here since October 2011) and writing is still in my heart. In fact, writing helped me financially when I was still new here. I write regularly for a travel agency site which I promised myself I will not do it again- as a ghost writer.

If you have the passion and you love what you are doing, regardless of age, I believed you can do what your heart desires. At my age now, amidst life inevitable challenges, I still have the strength to write. Perhaps, I do not have the perfect grammar but I could offer a genuine experience through this blog.

A Glimpse of Me

I Am Truly  Blessed.

My daughter’s wedding last 2013- Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Cordova Sr., A Tribal Wedding (B’laan) from my son in law’s tribe which I did not witness personally because of Work Permit issue. I just watched them through

My siblings? Nope, my daughter Nina and son July. My treasures though sometimes my stress (lol).

Professional Bio

Nephew and​ niece? Nope​ again… My​ love​ly​ grandchildren​ Rheanne​ and​ Ryan​ ​Jr.

I was born and raised in Southern Mindanao, Philippines and worked as Administrative Aide of the Local Government Unit of Banaybanay, Davao Oriental for a decade. After almost three years from being separated, I took the opportunity of traveling first in Macau, China through a friend’s invitation and decided to come to Thailand last October 2011.

Before I landed to this job as Client Relations for a company in Bangkok, I had been to many types of source of income to make both ends meet and to be able to send money back home. I was a Waitress, Piemaker, Cleaner (for Farang condos), Copy and Ghost Writer, English Language Teacher, Nanny/Tutor (to a spoiled brat young boy), and Customer Service Support.

An optimistic I am. I finished my degree- Bachelor of Science major in Operations Management at the University of Baguio under ETEEAP last May 28, 2016, at the age of 46.

I am now loving Thailand and consider it as my second home and have learned to live Thai Culture (but still doesn’t eat spicy food) and can speak a bit Thai.

Follow me on IG: pinayinbangkok. I am into phone photography-capturing moments and sights of Thailand. One of my hobbies aside from reading and watching movies.

Thank you for your time and I hope I am starting to inspire you.