Lalu…A One of its Kind Tourist Destination in Thailand.

Have you heard Lalu? I bet nope. For reasons, this Grand Canyon of Sakeo Province only few have known and visited.

  1. Long Distance Travel – It is nestled in Ta Phraya District Sakeo Province, situated on the boarder of Cambodia and Thailand and has longer traveling time. Five hours from Bangkok to Aranya then forty five to one hour to Lalu. However, for a budget traveler like me, I definitely love being on the ordinary train sitting for 5 hours relaxing my busy mind by seeing the rural life and its greenery.

2. Transportation Cost – When you reach Aranyaprathet where you will get off, take Motorcycle or Tuktuk. Since Lalu is 50 kilometers from Aranya, the Drivers will charge higher fare so you need to bargain the price. I suggest when you go to Lalu, you should be in group to share the fare. Start up for Tuktuk is 1,000 Baht but you can lower it to up to 700 Baht. Mine was a motorcyle and perhaps the Driver’s income is yet to reach its boundary, we agreed to 300 Baht but I assured him we will be there for thirty minutes only so he can comeback right then. Of course, I wore my helmet and told the Driver “cha yen yen na kha” which means slowly.

From Aranya by motorcycle, it took us forty minutes to reach Lalu. From the Provincial road, it is about ten kilometers to reach a small village where finally the naturally sculptured sand canyon is located. At the entrance, a tour guide will usher you to their Office to pay the rental of modernized farm tractor with rickshaw for 200.00 Baht or if you have your own vehicle, pay 50.00 Baht as entrance fee.

The modernized farm tractor for rent.

While going to the canyons, you can take photos of the lush green mountains surrounding the Ta Phraya National Park where Lalu is situated. It is dusty though so you need to bring mask.

For a change – no temple visit this time.

At last, here I come to this exceptional sight. As the heat of the sun hit my brown skin, the more it was clear it was coincidentally the color of the naturally made like tiny bald mountains. At first glance, they look soft to touch because of the sand but they hardened as they become older from the time they were formed. The place has only an area of approximately two hectares with the protruding sand made canyons, fresh air that will surely mess your hair, sandy soil so avoid wearing high heels, and the vast rice field just nearby. The location is good for photo enthusiasts, Instagram posts as Lalu is new to most of the eyes of the followers.

Best for Road Trip

Going to Lalu is best if you have your own means of transportation or rent motorcycle and go for a road trip. As mentioned, public vehicles is costly, otherwise go by group.

Even now, the sandy soil of Lalu continues to form different structures such as like canyons and there are portion of the area that holes are naturally made. Since the Thais considered this as gift from mother earth, they are protecting it by not touching any from the structures, aside from making into a tourist spot of Sakeo Province.

More so, if you are a traveler who loves to challenge yourself to explore new things, Lalu is a top choice, really a one of its kind experience.

How to Get Here:

If you are a budget traveler, take the Train at Hua Lamphong Station and buy ticket to Aranyaprathet for 40.00 Baht only. The train departs everyday at 5:55 am and will reach Aranya at 12 noon. Then take Tuktok or motorcyle. Be sure to negotiate the price that includes going back to Aranya as there is no available public vehicle in Lalu. Train to Bangkok departs at 2 pm (last trip), also daily.

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