Experience Life-Risking Market at Maeklong Railway Station

Maeklong Railway Market or locally known as Siang Tai (life-risking) is found in Samut Songkhram Province. A two-hour by train from Bangkok.

The train is approaching. Market vendors at this point will close their shop by folding their canvass they used to protect them and their product from the heat of the sun.

See the distance between the running train and the products and the vendors itself.

Why dubbed as Life-Risking Market?

Vendors are positioned close the small railway of Mae Klong to Mahatchai, about 100 meters length where the market is open from 6 am to 6 pm. As soon as the train passed the railway, these brave vendors will again display their products (fresh sea foods, vegetables and fruits as well as dried products like clothing and even fish and fruits) by just simply taking off the cover put on top of it as well as the tarpaulin they used to cover them from the heat of the sun and rain. Business is back as usual.

How to get to Maeklong Railway Market Step by Step

Bangkok to Wong Wian Yai Station

The easiest way is take BTS and get off at Wong Wian Station. From here, you will walk going to WongWian Yai SRT Station. How to get here? From BTS, go to Exit 1 then proceed to the sky walk until you reached the stairs on the right side where you will see a roundabout. Go down and walk straight on the right then cross the street through the footbridge. A few steps, you will see a corner and you will find the Wong Wian Yai Station. Buy your ticket at the counter for 10 Baht. The first trip is at 7 am going to Mahatchai.

This is the first SRT Station you need to go from BTS WongWian Yai to reach Mahatchai Train Station.

Mahatchai to Ban Laem

After almost an hour, you will reach Mahatchai Station. You will walk on the fresh market where you can buy after your trip newly-catch sea foods like Shrimps, Prawns, Blue Crabs in a reasonable price. From the Market, proceed to the Pier where a Barge will ferry you to traverse to the other side to get to Ban Laem Train Station.

The Barge that will take you to the opposite side to get to Ban Laem Train Station.

Ban Laem to Maeklong Railway Station

You will buy another ticket for 10 Baht in going to Maeklong. The travel by train is convenient as all passengers will have sits plus you will see the rural life such as old small houses, green plants, huge fishpond and mangroves. More relaxing if you bring books or put your headset and listen to your favorite music.

When you get off from the Barge, just walk straight then you will see Motorcycle Drivers,this signage is on the right side.

Maeklong Railway Market

K Pop Star be like as tourists will wave and take photo of you while the train is running.

As soon as the train have passed the railway, the business is back as usual.

When you get here and while you are still on the running train, you will see tourists waving at you and taking pictures. You will see on both sides as you peep in the window the produce of the locals being displayed very near with the railway, For you to catch the life-risking moment where the train will pass the railway with the products and vendors on each side, you must wait for the next train to leave for Bangkok.

Side Trip – Amphawa Floating Market

While waiting for the next train to arrive which will cause you to wait for 3 hours,you can take a side trip to Amphawa Floating Market. For 10 Baht by Seung Tiew, you will reach this known floating market for 10-1 minutes.

While in Maeklong, you must have enough money to buy in the market or for your food and drinks as ATM here is quite far from the station.

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