3 Best Recommended Phone Camera Filters and Modes for Travelers

Traveling is the best. It helps release stress from the busy life that we forgot we have life too. Through traveling, we learn new things and gain experience. Traveling is more best when captured. We all love to keep these experiences in our minds and we love to share to our friends.

Well, who would not want a DSLR? Even me, I really wanted to own one however, with my limited budget, I opted to use my mobile phone camera which was a wise and practical decision. . Nowadays, with the innovation of phone cameras, pictures are like photographed by a pro.

Also, when you travel, you want to maximize your stuff in just one back pack. Personal Hygiene such as shampoo, liquid soap are transferred into small bottles even perfumes. Clothes are folded into smaller ones and as much as you can. If you have DSLR, of course, it will cause you to bring another bag. Aside from saving space, photos from phone are easy to upload or save to Google or Clouds. Most of all, you can post ATM on your FB wall as soon as you capture the moments.

But wait, with all the new apps on your phone, have you notice the color of your subject is no longer real. Over editing or filter chosen is not the appropriate to use to enhance your photos.

Below are the best recommended filters and modes in taking photos based on my experience. I am also into phone photography. You can visit my IG account at pinayinbangkok.

  • Wide Aperture enabled- this filter is best recommended if you are picturing food, miniatures or a particular person and is surrounded with objects or in a group The feature of this filter is that your main subject is the focus of the shot. Especially if you want to emphasize your subject. To use this application, open the camera of your phone then click the round object on top then a circle will appear on the surface of your phone, touch it and bring to the the subject you want to focus then click.
  • Weather – This is also good for foodie photographers as it highlights the color of the subject, from pale into vibrant color. This is also recommended if you are taking pictures with topography. How to use this filter? Open your gallery and choose the picture you want to enhance the color. Then open Edit then click Filter then choose Weather then Demist.
  • Modes – This is not filtered photos. All you have to do is set your phone to different modes and my favorite is the pro photo. When you used this mode, you will see the ISO. I first learned about ISO when me and my friend went to Cambodia. While finding the best angle inside the ruins of Angkor Wat, I saw this photographer (a professional I believed) setting his DSLR camera with a stand. I asked him what is this ISO in my phone. I was lucky this man is not selfish. He taught quickly how to use ISO. If you are taking photos in a bright area, you set the number to low such as 100 to 200 and if it is dark, you adjust the number higher, could be 500 and up. Upon learning, I applied right then. How to take photo like a pro? Open your phone camera then swipe on the left side as Modes are mostly hidden. Then choose Pro photo then you will see ISO. So the number will depend on the brightness or darkness of the location.
I​ took​ this​ picture​ a​ bit​ far​ but​ the​ Kalachuche Flower is​ beautiful​ly​ captured.
Not​ice​ around​ this​ beautiful​ young​ Thai​ Lass, all​ are​ blurry.
Papaya​ Salad​ or​ Som​tam​ Thai.​ I​ emphasized the​​ Peanut​ on​ top​ of​ the​ Papa
Weather​ Filter- not​ice​ the​ir difference​ from​ the​ first​photo.​ The​ color​ on​ this​ pic​ is​ more​ clear​ and​ best​ describes the​ real​ Papaya​ Salad.
Also​ filtered​ with​ Weather​ at​ Ayutthaya.
ISO 1200. It​ was​ raining​ so​ I​ set​ the​ Mode​ at​ The​ Grand​ Palace.
It​ was​ no​on​ and​ the​ temperature is​ high​ so​ I​ set​ ISO​ 200.​ At​ Hua​ Hin​ Beach.

Hope​ this​ blog​ help​s​ you​ get​ good​ pictures.

What​ filter​ or​ modes​ are​ you​ using​? Does​ it​ justify​ the​ real​ mood​ and​ setting​ or​ ruin​ the​ real​ color​?

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