3 Easy yet Powerful Ways to Stay Motivated When You Are Beyond 40’s.

When you almost reached the golden age, you feel different changes in you especially your inner side. You become more emotional, sensitive and feel depressed at times (which most of us, women do not realize we are on this stage). According to US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, women ages 40-50 have the highest rate of depression of any age group in the US and even though the study was conducted with American women, we Asian are not exempted. For women like us who are in this age, hormonal imbalance is the most common factor why we experience or I should say feel of being down and alone even if we are surrounded with our friends, colleagues at work and family. I am sure you feel the same.

So how to stay motivated when reaching beyond 40’s?

“Do not depend your happiness with others because it starts from yourself”. A simple quote yet so true. Below are simple ways to stay inspired and fit with the help of none but you, first of all.

  1. Run – According to Research, age-related loss of fitness we ignored is due to laziness and not because of age. Have you observed when your body is inactive, the more you feel weak? So you need to push yourself to overcome this stage and running is one of the best way. Aside from one of the fastest calorie-burner compared to other exercises. running has many benefits especially us women of 40’s and above. It relieved your stress, either from your work or personal life. While running, you will focus on yourself alone and forget issues from work such as rude clients, bad emails or pressure from your family such as financial or relationship problems. You can also meet new friends while running. Like me, I ran alone before and I am fortunate I met my two countrymen whom I run now every weekend at Queen’s Park, one of the public parks in Bangkok. Through these two strong Filipinas, I experienced my first Marathon. Not only we become running buddies, we also developed a sister like friendship. Sometimes, we go out together; shopping, dine or at Landmark spending the night together drinking our favorite cocktails and watch Filipino live band. Yes, at our age we have night life too, mind you. So erase in your mind the fear of injuries because you think are too old to run. As a beginner, you can alternate 30 seconds of running with 3 minutes of walking for a 20-minute session. There is no need to go the gym, nor an expensive running shoes. Just go to your nearest Park or to a Sports Complex Oval and run.
  2. Travel Solo – You do not have to have a passport and worry the Immigration Officer may deny you. You can start traveling to local scenic spots. For a couple of days or even a one-day trip, go to a place you have never been before. Such as the province of your colleague or old friends, or simply search the best place for a holiday within your country. Traveling is great as you will see the beauty of nature and explore new things such as local traditions and foods. When traveling, your attention to positive thoughts starts, the more when you reached your chosen destination, faces and places new to your eyes will definitely fill your mind with interests and enthusiasm. Spending holiday with your love one is lovely and being solo too. When you are alone, you only mind yourself, that’s it. For me, I do not mind sitting on the train or bus for hours as I am enjoying my liberty, I am annoyed by none while refreshing my mind. It is like you do not want to get off. Have you experience this feeling of wanting to travel to an endless road? I bet. So be brave and travel. You can join Female Solo Travel/Women Group Travel Go Wonder Facebook. you will really get inspired reading posts of women solo travelers from different parts of the world. They share amazing photos and their beautiful experience while traveling and you can learn here tips too.
  3. Mandala Meditation – *Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness or focusing their mind on a particular object or thought. There are many ways to meditate. Pray Yoga and Mandala. So when you meditate, you need to focus on the positive side and to achieve the good thoughts, you have to erase all the negative things occupying your inner self. I highly recommend Mandala Coloring. I knew Mandala four years ago through my Filipina colleague. What is Mandala? It means circle, a direct relation to infinity* geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbol, a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamers search for completeness and self- unity. Mandala will help you in the healing procedure or as your therapy when you feel down or you have emotional problems. Such us, when you are beyond 40’s. You feel you are out of place in your workplace because you are surrounded with young minds or taken for granted by your loved ones, in short, you think maybe you are not useful. Mandala is a strong way of meditation because you will concentrate with your perfect stroke to avoid messed up colors and while coloring the figures, you will develop the power of focusing on yourself and life as a whole. To learn more about Mandala Meditation, you can visit many websites on Google and you will know the meaning of colors (yes, the colors depends on the aspect you want to mediate such as Blue which means peace, harmony and trust), and download free printable templates or buy at Bookstore Mandala Coloring Book for Adults. One of the reasons I like Mandala is its not only easy but affordable. You just need to buy colored pencils, or crayola or watercolor and the piece you like to color then you can start. The designs you have colored can be your collection and have them framed. After every meditation, you feel renewed. Tips in coloring- start at the center.

I am 48 and my first Marathon-10 K Finisher. Amazing Thailand Marathon (February 03, 2019)

From Left, Ate Del (60 years old) and Jo (52 years old) both finished 21 kms. Are they not amazing?

One-day Trip to Kanchanaburi.
Mandala Templates I downloaded.

I hope this blog is of great help especially to you woman who is now reading. If you have other ways to help our fellow age-bracket ladies, please feel free to share in the comment box.


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