5 Easy Guides When Traveling First Time in Bangkok

I have been living in Thailand for almost eight years now and landing in this Kingdom is really struggle especially if your first time. Language barrier is the major factor that will make or break your holiday.

This Buddhism Dance asking for more blessing is at Erawan Shrine. There are hotels near here such as Erawan Hotel and near BTS Chidlom and Ratchadamri.

I am going to share to you 5 Easy to do when traveling to Bangkok for the first time. These tips will help you enjoy your holiday more instead of scratching your head.

  1. Check reviews of the Hotel/Hostel – There are two types of Train operating within Bangkok- BTS (Skyway Train), MRT (Subway Train). When you look at the website of the hotel, do not rely on the content of their website saying 5-10 minutes away from the train station. Check also the reviews of the customers to know the real location aside from its facilities and services . I believed there are organic comments that will help you guide to decide to stay in the hotel or not. Why I am recommending must be near the train station? Honestly, one of the main complaints are the taxi Drivers in Bangkok. Especially if they sense you a foreigner, they will charge high price and will not use their meter. If by meter, they will pretend they do not know the place (only you will learn at the middle of your travel) and they will bring you to different streets to make your meter high. So to avoid high taxi meter, you better take train.
BTS Train.


2. Install Grab or Uber – to prevent above situation, better have these two apps in your phone. Their Drivers are English speaking too, so its easier for you to negotiate the price.

3. Eat in Food Courts – Thailand menu is amazing. Street food is the most common place to find Thai food. Some literal street foods are found and some at night markets. If you have a sensitive stomach, you better eat at a food court where food is clean and cheaper. At Central world or Terminal 21 is the most recommended. You can see how the Kitchen Staff prepare your order and many kinds of menu you can choose from.

4. Shop in Pratunam – Everywhere in Bangkok you will find sidewalk vendors selling different stuff such as souvenir items and even clothes however, they command higher price especially if on the tourist areas of Bangkok. If you want to buy cheaper especially if by 3’s, Pratunam area is the right place. Just a walking distance from Chidlom BTS. You will find Platinum Mall where most of the items are RTW from casual dress to Formal wear, both sexes young and adult. While outside the mall, you will see small shopes selling also clothes made in Thailand and souvenir items in a lower price. Red District which is on the opposite of Platinum however, because of the lower price, too many shoppers flocked. It is not comfortable for a tourist shopper unless you will go early in the morning.

5. Learn some basic Thai Language

You have to know and remember English speaking Thais are only a few and if some can speak, only basic. So you have a bit of Thai when you come here .

Such as


Sawadee ka- if you are a female greeting them and sawadee kap if you are male.


Liew kwa- turn right

Liew sai- turn left

Throng pai- go straight

Kablot – U turn

Paksoi – corner of the small street

Pie- go.

Long- get off. So if the Driver ask you “long nai? Means where will get off.

Khapkun ka/Kap – Thank you.

So if you are planning to travel to Bangkok and you need a particular information from the tips I mentioned above, please feel free to comment your query and I would do my best to answer you.

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