Trip to Noong Noch Tropical Botanical Garden in Pattaya

This tropical garden is the largest Botanical Garden in Southeast Asia with an area close to 600 acres. Once a plantation of local fruits and now a home to different tropical plants and flowers planted and arranged by theme.

As soon as you get inside the vast area, your first impression is…amazing! Yes, the Bonsai Gardens, different kind of Palm Trees, colorful and beautifully bloomed orchids of different species, a variety of Cactus family and many more that honestly I do not know the name but so beautiful to look at.

Another eye-catching scenery in Noong Nooch are the themed gardens. The landscape is just so perfect, that even it was so hot that time, we cannot help but wander around the area. The French Garden set on the 17th century Palace of Versailles, Butterfly Hill, nope no butterflies here but flowers are planted in the shape of butterflies. There is also the Stonehenge Garden which is themed according to England Stonehenge.

Aside from seeing in real plants and experience the beauties from around the world through themed gardens, Nooong Noch features Thai Cultural and Elephant Show. So I grabbed the opportunity of riding the Elephant. It was a mixed emotion- fun while riding this jumbo yet adorable creature was also I feel sad seeing them tired walking for many hours carrying heavy on their back and under the heat of the sun. But in fairness in Noong Nooch, the distance is so short and the caretakers see to it that Elephants are well feed and gives water every time to avoid dehydration and they rest too.

Food and water is not a problem while inside Noong Nooch. There are restaurants you can choose and mostly caters Thai Food. Souvenir shops is also found though price is a bit high compared if buying outside.

My first visit in Noong Nooch is unforgettable and myself told me now I should have a revisit. Well, it is in my bucket list.

Here are some tips you should do while in Noong Nooch

  1. Bring your colorful, wide hat to protect you from the strong rays of the sun and for picture taking purposes, of course…Instagram and Facebook is waiting.
  2. Arrived on time as the area is big, so you will have ample time to roam around.
  3. Have the patience to walk. There are golf cars to bring you to some gardens only.

How to get here: From Bangkok, you can take Bus through Northern Bus Terminal In Mochit however, best recommended is the Eastern Bangkok Bus Terminal which is just a few steps from Ekkamai BTS. When you reached Pattaya Bus Station, hire a taxi or seung tiew but you must be good in bargaining. Some, hires taxi or private van and will go by group all the way from Bangkok to Noongnooch.

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