Exploring Hua Hin – 6 Reasons to Stay

Hua Hin, once a fisherman village and a popular holiday destination of the royal family in the olden times is now a top choice of vacationers not only locals but tourists from different parts of the globe. Located in the Southern part of Thailand and is more than 2 hours travel from Bangkok by land and approximately 5 hours if by train.

While having our holiday for almost two weeks, I have discovered reasons why Hua Hin is a prime holiday escape especially with your family.

Majestic Beach – with the crystal clear water and friendly waves, who could resist not to swim. The best time to do swimming is at 9 am till afternoon. Sunbathing is also perfect. Just bring your beach towel with your favourite book or your headset with your favourite songs. There are also wooden beds for rent at 300 Baht per hour.

International Restaurants – anywhere in Hua Hin you will find a number of restaurants that cater European, American and of course, the famous Thai food. These eating places offer not only food but imported beverages such as German Beers and of reasonable price. So you will not miss anything from home. A perfect rendezvous especially for foreign tourists.

At Treffpunkt, a German Restaurant

Accommodation – It depends on your choice wither you will book in a 5-Star hotel or 3- Star or a hostel or bed space. Prices vary depending on the season (high-low). But while we were walking around the place, we saw signages that offer 500 Baht per night but far from the beach. We were lucky we booked just 5 minutes to the beach and 10 minutes going to the Market Village and within the centre of Hua Hin. My advice is you have to read the reviews as there are hotels claimed near the beach but it is the opposite.

We booked here at Soi 67.
On top of Hilton Hotel.

Places to visit – not only beaching you will enjoy in Hua Hin. If you are fond of hiking like my companion, you will discover the inner beauty of Hua Hin. Mount Takiab (Monkey Village), Fisherman Village, Railway Train Station, Cicada Market and many more.

Night Life – Of course, the holiday is not complete without experiencing this famous form of laid back in Thailand. The difference and I think makes also Hua Hin a good choice to unwind is that nightlife here is not too loud. Most couples chose to sit down in a bar simply drink wine or cocktail where most of them are couples and mostly in their retirement age. Irish style Pubs flourish here as well.

Nightlife here does not only mean nightclubbing but also a night market where not only souvenirs and other goods are sold but also Thai food through the mobile restaurant. The seafood menu is the most popular here.

The walking street in Hua Hin

Transportation – this is not a problem in Hua Hin. Tuktuk as their taxi and the fare is cheaper that starts at 100 Baht or lower if you know how to bargain. Seung Tiew is also available or single motorcycle. Some destinations have fixed price and some, it depends on your agreement.

Take Seung Tiew to explore Hua Hin.

There are still many beautiful spots to explore and I reserved them for you to discover when you visit Hua Hin.

You are guided in Hua Hin.

With the above mentioned advantages coupled with peace and a safe place to stay, no wonder retirees mostly from Westerners and Europeans choose to stay in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin Train Station
The old train now for display only.
Muay Thai every Friday night
Lady Boxers
Beer Garden at the Market Village every afternoon with live acoustic band.
The taxis in Huahin…the Tuktuk

How to get here: By Bus: Northeastern Bus Terminal – take BTS and get off at Mochit Station then taxi. There are also scheduled flights and if you choose to arrive in a span of less than an hour, you can check Air Asia or Nokair website for booking.

Best Recommended:

  1. By Bus from Eastern Bus Terminal, just a few steps from Ekkamai BTS.
  2. By Bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport.
  3. By Van from Eastern Bus Terminal

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