Hiking to Wat Khao Takiap, Hua Hin.

A walk to remember❤

The agendum of this holiday is relaxation and since we both love seeing different cultures and traditions, taking pictures, we agreed to go to the Monkey Temple on top of the Hill.

My companion who walks so fast😊

Before we started our walk, we asked a local on how really far the temple is by showing the googled images and with his smile, he said about 3 km from our location. Sounds good then and at 8 am, we started walking from Soi 67 backwards passing the big road and luxurious hotels, fishermen village,and Cicada Market which starts to open at 4 pm (we passed past 9 am🙂) and still not reach Wat Khao Takiab so we continue walking. It was a sunny day, so we were sweating. My face describes my mix emotion (just imagine walking the heat of 9-10 am sun rays). Our guide was “that mountain with a big Buddha) overlooking the blue waters of Hua Hin Beach.

Finally, after the long walk, we reached the Mountain but wait, it is not yet Wat Khao Takiap. The place is peaceful. You will walk on some bushes as the place is really old with old temples on top of the hill. Abandoned wishing well and water lily ponds with its greenish water. But the view is stunning. Colourful roofs of different houses, high rise buildings that become so tiny to look at and the luscious greenery mountains surrounding Hua Hin plus flowers nurtured by nature that blossomed beautifully are there to help more beautiful adjectives to describe the place.

After taking pictures and had our eyes viewed the panoramic scenery of Hua Hin, we heeded to Wat Takiab and yes, we need to go down through the hundred steps.

It was 11 am and even we felt the sun is getting angry, we continue with our hiking.

At the entrance to the temple, there is a small eatery that sells Thai Food including beverages. In front of the giant standing Buddha are benches if you want to rest facing Hua Hin Beach.

Since we want to visit the Apes, we climbed again a hundred steps and the Monk reminded us not to bring anything as these Monkeys are naughty. There are few monkeys we have seen walking around and under the big tree. The view on top of the hill is wider than the first hill we went. You will see the long and wide stretch of Hua Hin beach. There are also stores inside the small like a village that sell food and souvenirs.

It was time to go home and yes, we still walked (just do not ask the time). When I reached our hotel, I googled again the direction and it is 8 kilometers going to and another 8 going back.

I would say it was a walk to remember – my patience was tested between me and my companion who is a member of a hiking community in his country, well, I hope I passed the test. Spending time together with your loved ones with the same interest is more than quality time, it is not only learning new things together rather, it is knowing more with each other. So worth the time spent.❤

💑…walking together

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