A​ Day​ in​ the​ Kingdom​ of​ Monkeys​- Lopburi​

Have​ heard​ about​ Monkeys​ since​ I​ was​ a​ child​ but​ have​ not​ gone​ to​ a​ Zoo​ or​ animal​ park​ to​ see​ in​ person​ this​ family​ of​ Apes.​ Upon​ hearing​ from​ a​ friend​ this​ so​ called​ Kingdom​ of​ Monkeys​ in​ Thailand, I​ googled​ right​ then​ on​ how​ to​ visit​ this​ place.

At​ the​ ​train​ station.

At​ 6:30​ am, the​ train​ left​ Hua​ Lamphong​ station​ and​ at​ almost​ 10​ am, we​ were​ in​ Lopburi.​ This​ old​ province is​ also​ known​ for​ the​ vast Sunflower Field (was​ not​ in​ season during my​ visit)​ and​ also​ ruins of​ Temple​ reflected in​ the​ era​ of​ Khmer Rouge.

Before​ reaching Wat​ Prang Yod where​ Monkeys​ reign, you​ can​ take​ a​ few​ walks​ first​ to​ different​ Temple​s​ such​ as​ Wat​ Phrasri Rattana Mahathai just​ behind​ the​ train​ station.​ Then​ proceed​ to​ Phra​ Prang​ Sam​ Temple​ and​ from​ there, you​ will​ start​seeing​ Monkeys​ roaming​ around​ the​ place, even​ on​ to​p​ of​ the​ city gate​ structure, they​ are​ there​ watching​ you.

Across​ the​ street, you​ will​ see​ Monkeys​ out​side​ the​ fence​ and​ on​ the​ sidewalks.

Inside​ the​ Temple, you​ can​ take​ Photos​ of​ Monkeys​ and​ you​ need​ to​ click and​ click​ as​ these​ members​ of​ the​ Apes​ are​ camera​ shy.​ It​ is​ like​ a​ photo​ shoot​ where​ the​ celebrity​ walk​ed​ out.

While​ I​ was​ enjoy​ing​ my​ moments​ as​ their​ “photographer”, suddenly​ one​ monkey​ jumped unto​ my​ back​ and​ pulled​ my​ hair.​ One​ Staff​ immediately to​ the​ rescue​ and​ grabbed​ this​ naughty one.​ Only​ then​ I​ was​ told​ the​ Dos and​ Dont’s.

The​ naughty ones.

These​ are​ the​ things​ to​ remember​ when​ at​ their​ Kingdom​:

1.​ Tie​ your​ hair.

2.​ Do​ not​ wear​ caps or​ hat.

3.​ Place​ your​ bottled water/food​ in​ your​ bag.

4.​ Carry​ only​ your​ mobile phone​ or​ camera.

5.​ As​ much​ as​ possible, avoid​ placing​ any​thing​ on​ your​ back​ as​ this​ will​ caught the​ Monkeys​ attention​ to​ chase you.

Never​theless, my​ day​ in​ their​ Kingdom​ was​ fun​ or​ I​ should​ say​ entertaining and​ seeing​ the​ beauty​ in​ the​ ruins​ of​ the​ Temples​ is​ indeed​ a​we​some.

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