Cheapest​ Back​ Packing​ to​ Siem Reap​ from​ Bangkok​

Bangkok to Cambodia by Train for only 48 Baht 

If you are planning to travel to Cambodia and having a hard time finding a promo ticket from airlines, traveling by train is another option and for only 48 Baht.

Yes, you read it right-48.00 Baht. 

How to get your ticket?

Go to Bangkok Railway Station in Hua Lamphong and buy your ticket. The travel is every day (5:55 am and 12 noon) so no advance booking. 

Bangkok​ Railway​ Station, Hua​ Lamphong.

How to get to Hua Lamphong?

The easiest way is by MRT (Subway Train) and gets off at the last station which is Hua Lamphong and proceed​ to Exit 2 where at the end portion, you will find the Bangkok Railway Station.

The travel time from Bangkok to Aranyaprathatet is six hours. From the train station, take a tuk-tuk at 80-100 Baht per person going to Poi Pet Immigration for visa stamp (departure) then proceed to Cambodia Immigration for the arrival. After the visa stamped, take the free shuttle bus to the Bus Station going to the center of Cambodia such as Siem Reap. You must be good in bargaining to lower the fare with a starting offer of 12 USD per head (we ended with 9 USD).

We reached our hotel in Siem Reap after 3 hours of traveling. Accommodations and food are cheaper also in Cambodia (please see my photo).

You need to book Tuktuk to pick you up early to catch the sunrise at  Angkor Wat which we paid 20 USD. The tuk-tuk driver will take you to buy a ticket and always bring your passport. There is only one official ticketing office so no scam here. We left the hotel at 4:30 am.

Since we have decided to catch the Bus going to Bangkok at 11:30, by 10 am we are done. We reached back to Bangkok before 7 pm. 

Inside​ Angkor​ Wat​.

The advantage of Traveling by Train:

Infront​ of​ the​ historic Ta​ Phrom​ Temple.
The​ famous​ Bayon​ Temple.
Siem​ Reap​ by​ day.
Tuk-tuk, the​ Cambodia​n​ version.

1. View the rural living of Thailand such as farming;

2. Take more photos or videos of the green outskirts from different provinces;

3. Can do your stuff while traveling such as writing blogs or take some rest as the train is comfortable to sleep while sitting.

Disadvantage? Travel time obviously.
Overall, it was a good, worth sharing experience seeing the different world-renowned historical sights in Cambodia. Thank you Thai Government for this 48 Baht traveling by train- done first travel in my bucket list. 

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